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Vicki  recommends Legacy Flights.

August 9 · Awesome people and very nice plane..Lots of leg room and well maintained!

Trish   recommends Legacy Flights.

July 21 · Very nice flight. Smooth ride. Even got snacks. Can’t wait to do this again!

Mandy  reviewed Legacy Flights — 5 star

July 6 ·  My husband and I took the Key Lime Express trip this past Saturday with Legacy Flights. The staff and Cari that checked us in were quick and efficient - no long lines, we got a VIP experience walking right out to the plane. Robert, Matt, & Daisy were all phenomenal during the trip, the flight was smooth and quick. When we landed in Key West we had rented bikes thru A&M who had a shuttle van ready to pick us up and take us to the rental shop. We enjoyed biking around the island, checking out the shops, eating some great seafood, and of course a trip to the beach at Ft Zachary! This was a fun adventure and a great date day for us as a couple. We highly recommend Legacy Flights and can't wait until they add more destinations in the future!


Kimberly   recommends Legacy Flights.

June 30 ·  My husband and I just returned from a day trip to Key West with Legacy Flights. The experience was top notch from start to finish. The customer service offered by Legacy was fantastic and the flight was great. Once we arrived we had 10 hours to explore before we had to return home. I would certainly recommend the #daycationflights they offer from Lakeland to Key West.

Ashley  reviewed Legacy Flights — 5 star

June 25 ·  My husband and I just went on the 1 day trip to Key West on Saturday and we loved the whole experience! We got to the airport and there was no wait or lengthy process to board,it was a 50 minute flight and upon arriving they had a taxi waiting to take us anywhere on the island. The staff was friendly and attentive. SO many fun things to do on the island and enough time to do multiple activities. We had a blast!! Highly recommend!!

Stacy  reviewed Legacy Flights — 5 star

July 24 ·  My husband and I booked the flight for Saturday, July 21st. We had an excellent experience and I would highly recommend to friends and family!! The staff was very friendly, flight was smooth and the boarding/deboarding process at both facilities was very easy. We would love to book this trip again with friends soon, however all Saturday through September are sold out...please keep this itinerary!!  :)

Michael  reviewed Legacy Flights — 5 star

July 24 ·  We had another fantastic trip to Key West! The experience is like having your own private plane and crew! Within 45 minutes of leaving my house we were airborne on a fabulous Saab 340B with seating room that makes every seat feel like first class! I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a Key West trip with Legacy!

Hi Daryl,

We had a great experience with Legacy.  All staff were very friendly, efficient, and went out of their way to be helpful.  

They provided donuts and coffee at the airport which was a pleasant surprise.  We were also given tote bags!  I have never received a gift from an airline so again a very pleasant surprise.  They kept us rolling on time.  The staff even called us a taxi.  I really appreciate how flawless the whole experience was having flown many airlines.  

Congratulations on a successful endeavor!  I will fly with Legacy again.  I was wondering if you fly to Tallahassee or Pensacola?  We had a wonderful day in Key West.  

Thank you so much.



Dear Daryl;

first of all my wife and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be on board on this first flight from Lakeland to Key West, the whole experience with Legacy Flights was great, from the administrative ladies handling your flight reservation, to the flight crew, everyone was a pleasure to deal with. The flight was fast, smooth and comfortable, we enjoy the opportunity to have a day vacation in such a great destination that most people have to planned for days. We will definitely will recommend this day trip to all our friends and we look forward to make another trip with your company in the near future.


(Bill) and Trixy

We had a great time. The flight was very smooth and the process quite easy. We  look forward to traveling with you again and hope to see additional locations added out of Lakeland Linder.


Michael and Brandi

Daryl - 

Just a quick email to mirror, what I think a lot of other passengers are saying. Saturday's trip was fantastic. The timely departure and arrival; the ease of getting in and out of the Key West Airport, and the ability to be there early in the morning to experience all the island had to offer was nothing short of phenomenal. Your customer service employee, Toni also went above and beyond to accommodate me with a cancelled flight due to weather, and another postponed trip due to a family death! The only con I'd say for the day trip, would be returning maybe a little bit later, as having the ability to be somewhere watching the sun go down prior to flying home, would have capped the day! Maybe an 8:00 am departure; 10:00 pm return?

Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one suggesting this, but your web information earlier in the month had talked about overnights. That would be the best option going forward. I also see that the 10:30 am flights have disappeared from the site. Were these not popular options? I've been talking to a lot of people that I know since I arrived home, that have contacted me after I posted my trip on Facebook. There's definite interest in the future for not only Key West, but Bimini if that's still in the planning stages. Everyone loves this daycation concept!

Thanks again, and I'm hopeful that I can fly again soon. Looking forward to future development of these excursions and flights!



My experience was A1. The cockpit crew was great and Daisy was amazing.  I requested a wheelchair and everything was there. I hope to go again soon. 

I would give it a 5.0 out of 5;  



 I took your flight to Key West on Saturday and it was perfect! If flying was always that easy I'd go more often :) I'm recommending your daycation to everyone I know. I see on the website you're now offering Sunday flights. I think it would be really nice if you guys eventually offer an overnight option. It was a little rough being in that Florida heat all day with no place to go and relax and freshen up. Other than that it was an amazing day. Thank you all for providing this service!