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1 - Non-Refundable | Cancellation:

Trip fare are not refundable once processed, except, within 24 hours of purchase, the fare can be fully refunded. Traveler’s name and/or travel date can be changed. $50 change/time will be charge. Changes must be done by call in. No change will be allowed within 72 hours prior to trip departure. Except Air Taxi/Chartered flights see Policy 3

2 - Conditions Beyond Our Control:

Legacy Flights or its contract aircraft assume no responsibility for delayed or canceled flights due to conditions beyond its control as well as unexpected Mechanical issues, Acts of Regulatory nature by any official of government or Law, Acts of Nature including Weather, Acts of Terrorism or Violence, or conditions that would in Legacy Flights’s opinion jeopardize the safety or operation of any aircraft, Passenger, Staff, Bystander or Goods within Legacy Flights’s custody.

3 - Abandoned Flights:

Should a passenger terminate an Air Taxi/Charter flight within 48 hours of departure or not show up to the specified time and place of departure the flight will be considered abandoned by the passenger and no refund or exchanges will be allotted to the passenger for that flight unless in Legacy Flights’s opinion and at Legacy Flights’s election to grant an exception to this rule except Charters (see Policy 1)

4 - Termination Of Flight:

Termination of a flight or reschedule of a flight by a passenger five day to the 48-hour cut off period will encumber the passenger an additional fee to be 30% of the original un-discounted sale price of the Trip or a refund of 70% of un-discounted Trip price except Charters (see Policy 1)

5 - Under The Influence:

Passengers will not be granted access to or to board an aircraft: if the passenger appears to the Crew to be intoxicated or under the influence of Alcohol, drugs or any controlled substance that is not under the orders of a medical Doctor. (Proof may be required of an MD’s orders) This construes a termination of flight by the passenger and shall be treated by Crew as such, in addition Crew will call a local Law enforcement official as this is a violation of federal and State law.

6 - Interfere With Equipment:

Passengers shall at no time attempt to operate or interfere with Crew or any flight control or equipment unless directed to do so by the Crew and shall do only as directed. Interference with a Flight Crew member or Aircraft equipment is a federal offence.

7 - Medical Conditions:

Passengers with medical conditions or limitations shall disclose this information at time of purchase of Trips; failure to do so may void boarding privileges and cause a last-minute termination of flight by the passenger.

8 - Right To Refuse:

Legacy Flights reserves the right to refuse to serve anyone at any time at any place and may discontinue a flight at any point Legacy Flights deems necessary without passenger compensation.

9 - Last Minute Sales:

Last minute sale of Trips (less than 120 hours) to the time of departure all sales are final and non-refundable. except Charters Then 48 hours will apply.

10 - Reservation By Credit Card:

All Trips/boarding pass/aircraft charters will be reserved by Credit card, Pre-approved Check, or Cash at time of booking. NO Exceptions.

11 - Bag & Package Sizes:

Bag or Package Size and Weight Limitations for Scheduled Flights. Â One bag/package/article of no more than 30 lbs US of no larger than 12 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches US measurements per Trip will be included in the price of the Trip. Any bag/package/article that exceeds this will be subject to the following per piece charges and is subject to space available on any flight or may be sent by ground courier a) Overweight charge $30.00 b) Oversize one dimension $15.00 c) Oversize two dimensions $30.00 d) Oversize and overweight $30.00 e) Oversize by two dimensions and overweight $45.00 f) Each extra bag/package/article $45.00

12 - Reserve The Right To Amend:

These rules, policies and procedures may be amended or changed at any time without prior notice and will be published on the company web sight at the first available opportunity after any change.

13 - Legacy Flights LLC., is a Florida Seller of Travel. Reference Number #ST41225. Legacy Flights LLC., does not own or operate any Aircraft. Legacy Flights LLC., charters with FAA Part 135 and FAA Part 121 Air Carriers. Times posted are only for reference, All flights are chartered so time can be adjusted as we are the customer on these flights.